New Story: Erabis

Well, I’ll admit to being a little embarrassed at not noticing, but the Strange Aeon anthology has now been out for a little over two weeks and I was completely unaware. Strange Aeon II: Orbital Lovecraft (see Amazon Link). According to Amazon, the kindle version was published on September 30 and the paperback October 1, … More New Story: Erabis

First Published Story

So, I’ve just had my first story published over at Every Day Fiction: “Hunting for a Gift.” (LINK) This is very exciting for me.  It’s a flash story, just under one thousand words (and only just under one thousand words), reflecting my long held fascination and love of faerie stories.  Anyway, there’s a lot of … More First Published Story

April Update

Well, it’s been a while (only ironic, I suppose, that after starting an online web-blog, I discovered I really did not want to post details of my personal life online).  Anyway, it’s been about a year and a half since I last wrote anything on this never-updating-blog.  Quite a bit’s changed since then, and in … More April Update

Post Halloween Post

And another update to my rarely updated blog.  These past few months have been fairly busy in certain respects, I suppose you could say.  I actually attended two different Video Game Conventions, both in New York.  The first was right at the end of the Summer, and took up I want to say the bulk … More Post Halloween Post